Charter Night Celebrations

The Home Course –

On April 24, 2010 the members of the DuPont Lions Club had the honor of being sworn in as Charter Members, as well as receiving and signing the official Charter.

The event took place at The Hometown Course Pavilion in DuPont. Thanks to the decorating committee, the dining room looked exceptionally beautiful.

It was an honor to have the District Governor Dave Pratt, local elected officials, many lions from other fellow Lions Clubs as our VIPs. Their attendance made this a very special occasion. All guests enjoyed our happy and warm ceremony, the food and the live auction that followed.

A ceremony was held to present the Charter to the new club President, swearing in of the Charter Members and Officers of the club. Members present had the opportunity to sign the Charter and become part of history.

Thank you to everyone who came. It was because of all of you who attended and participated that the DuPont Lions Club Charter Night was a great success!

Induction Day

April 6, 2010 DuPont, WA

Photo of lions members as of Induction Day, April 6, 2010
47 men and women were inducted into the DuPont Lions Club at a special ceremony held at McNamara’s Pub and Eatery in DuPont. The 30 members shown here are part of that group.

Today marks our official forming as a Lions club. Our District Governor Dave Pratt presented membership certificates to all the new members. Our sponsor Lions Jack Ford, Bill Miller and Iris Young from the Lacey Sunrise Lions Club were also present to cheer the newly inducted members.

Dave Pratt expressed his sincere pleasure to be at the meeting and congratulated all the new members. He stated that “we are all extremely proud that you have accepted membership in DuPont Lions club and Lions Clubs International. Membership in Lions club is a privilege and it is by invitation”.

Dave Pratt went on to explain the symbolic meaning and interpretation of the Lions Club Emblem. At the 1919 convention there was a move to change the Lions Club symbol, but a young attorney from Denver, Colorado rose to speak. His name was Halsted Ritter. “The name Lions stands not only for fraternity, good fellowship, strength of character and purpose, but above all, its combination of L-I-O-N-S heralds to the country the true meaning of citizenship: LIBERTY, INTELLIGENCE, OUR NATION’S SAFETY.”

The emblem consists of a gold letter “L” on a circular purple or blue field. Bordering this is a circular gold area with two Lion profiles facing away from the center. The word “Lions” appears at the top and “International” at the bottom. The Lions face both past and future – showing both pride of heritage and confidence in the future. The royal colors of purple and gold were selected as the official colors when the association was organized in 1917. Purple stands for loyalty to friends and for integrity of mind and heart. Gold symbolizes sincerity of purpose, liberality in judgment, purity in life and generosity in mind, heart and purse towards those in needs.

Dave Pratt added “As Lions clubs members, we are dedicated to serving the community,” and we want to share our spirit of volunteerism and that of our mission, “WE SERVE,” with all of you so that you would feel the pride of what it means to be Lion.”

The DuPont Lions Club has 47 members and meets on first and the third Wednesday of each month at McNamara’s Pub and Eatery in DuPont at 7:30 AM. Lions clubs are a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs.

For more information or to get involved with the DuPont Lions Club, please contact Lee McDonald at 253-267-5267