Park appreciation Day 2012

Historic Orchard – Dupont, WA 4/21/2012
The Dupont Lions participated in parks cleanup throughout the city today. In the historic orchard, we assisted with efforts to clear brush, build a fence and planted pear trees.
Lions Bill McDonald, Roy Coffey, Larry and Jean Wilcox, Phil Courts, and Bill Casper provided lots of labor to help in this city wide effort.
As well, Lion Lee McDonald was spotted helping and directing cleanup of the DuPont Museum location.
Great job, Lions!

Meeting Notes

Notes from 4/18/12 Meeting:

Reminder: Anniversary Party This saturday, April 21, 2012 at 5:30 PM.

We’ve volunteered for the Chloe Clark Explorers Fun Run, Saturday April 28, 2012. Please come if you can. Registration starts at 6:30am – so it’s a early morning.

Food Drive – Bags will go out June 2, be collected June 9. There’s a request for eyeglasses this year, so we’ll need to be careful with the bags and sort through them prior to giving them to the food bank.

Spring Safety Fair – There was a request for assistance with the spring safety fair. We accepted, and will be helping. Saturday, June 4th, 10 AM – 2 PM at the DuPont Civic Center.

Tree Planting – This year, we’ll be planting a tree at Chloe Clark Elementary, as a joint project with the 3rd grade classes. Thursday April 26th at 2:30PM

Guiding Lion Jack Ford spoke about Project New Hope. This is a project that provides help with PTSD.