Meeting Summary June 20, 2012

This is not the official minutes, for official minutes, please see Linda C. (Secretary)

Guest at the meeting was Pastor Dan McDonald from the DuPont Presbyterian Church, he is a prospective member.

Food Drive was discussed. Thanks go out to the Scouts, DuPont Fire, and everyone else who helped. It was mentioned that Beth from the food bank addressed the council with a thank you to all involved. Results are posted here.

Reminder of the 4th of July volunteer meeting June 27th at 6pm. [correction as of 6/21/12] Red, white and blue alley has around 10 activities ready to go.  Later in the meeting, it was mentioned that the DuPont Pharmacy will be doing a health booth – with free sunscreen available. Also entertainment has been booked, and 2 bouncy toys will be near the end of the red white and blue alley area.

Christmas Wreaths will be sold at the 4th of July event – price will remain the same, vendor hasn’t raised prices.

Parade – We will have around a dozen lions marching in the parade, it was decided we don’t need a car for our group. Volunteers need to contact Deb Smith if they would like to participate. Assemble at Old City Hall (303 Barksdale) no later than 9:30am on the 4th.

Camp Leo has sent out a message saying they are short on budget. Club has money planned in new budget for Camp Leo, amount to be determined.

Dues are going up from International. At this point, it is unknown if it will affect local dues, or if the club will absorb the minor cost increase.

Clock Tower Park arbor cleanup has been done by the city. General cleanup still required at the park – will need some minor work on the stage area, including clean up.

It was reported that Seller’s Park (Behind the church on Barksdale Ave) has some rather severe work needed. Underbrush around the shelter, basketball court repair, and other hazardous conditions need to be handled. It was suggested that we take on the work. Graffiti artist have been at work in the area, Police Chief Goodpaster has taken down notes, and will be investigating.

There is a meet and greet upcoming for zone sub-district coming up. More details in a newer post.

Jack Ford spoke of Project New Hope (A healing camp for sufferers of PTSD due to military service) – Things are going well, New camps set up. They are needing help with children. It was made clear that this is a private org – not a government project, so what happens there stays there. Club wrote a check to support the project – $240 Donation. $240 will be donated in the 2012/2013 business year.

Volunteerism Recap for June:

  • Safety Fair Support – Providing food and drink, support elsewhere.
  • Food Drive – Collected food and eyeglass donations throughout DuPont
  • Ross Plaza – Cleanup and weeding – with lots of help including a full day of professional landscaper company help.
  • Soccer Field cleanup/re-seed – 4 man crew took 6 hours.
  • over 250 volunteer hours reported on various projects.

Note from President Bill….

Roy Coffey advises there is an opportunity to assist the City with some work on the soccer field at Powderworks Park Tuesday morning. Roy will be there at 9am Tuesday morning the 19th of June. It involves a little grounds maintenance. The City crew is short-handed and can use the help. If you are available show up!

Don’t forget our regular meeting June 20th at 7:30am at Community 1st Credit Union. We will have the induction of new officers.


MD-19 Youth Exchange, Families still needed

I have heard rumblings & rumors of other possible host families out there, but it is now CRITICAL that we get the applications in hand!  Without the Host Family application, we cannot move forward.  Host Family Application here.

Host Families are still needed for the following:

Narumi from Japan (Female – age 18)  Aug 11 to Aug 27th (2 weeks)

Shohei from Japan (Male – age 16) Aug 15 to Aug 27th (2 weeks)

Lion Kathy Schumer, MD-19 Lions Youth Exchange