By the Lions Club Constitution and By-Laws, this is the formal 14 day notice of the election of board members for 2013-2014.

The nominations were held this morning.  No new nominations were made from the floor.  At the March 20th noon meeting, we will formally vote to elect the Nominating Committee’s recommendations. No nominations can be accepted from the floor on March 20th.

Thanks to the Nominating Committee for their speedy work- Bill McDonald–Chair, Linda Cumberbatch, Jake Smith and Roy Coffey.

The 2013-2014 Board-elect will be:

President:                Jorge Ferrer
1st Vice President:   Roy Coffey
2nd Vice President:  Larry Wilcox
Secretary:                Irene Keyport
Treasurer:               Deborah Smith
Membership:           Linda Jordan
Communications:   Brendan Keyport
Tail Twister:            Lee McDonald
Lion Tamer:            Jake Smith

They will take office July 1st

— Penny Coffey, President, DuPont Lions