5th Anniversary Party

The DuPont Lions Club celebrated its 5th Anniversary on May 16th with a golf tournament and dinner at The Home Course Pavilion. The DuPont Lions Club chapter was started in 2010 to establish a service club for DuPont’s growing population.

Last year the DuPont Club, in partnership with the Lakewood Lions, performed sight and hearing tests on approximately 7,000 kids. The DuPont Lions Club has also taken on and completed many community projects including rebuilding DuPont’s Clock Tower Park arbors, refurbishing the Bandstand, restoring DuPont’s first fire truck, organizing annual food and blanket drives, and staffing volunteer agencies and community events.

What started with just 25 members 5 years ago, has grown into the active, purposeful club of today with a membership of 56 and still growing.

New officers for the upcoming year are: Greg Hull, President; Jake Smith, 1st Vice President;  Deb Smith, 2nd Vice President;  Irene Keyport, Secretary;  Bill McDonald, Treasurer;  Linda Jordan, Membership Director; Bob Sheehan, Lion Tamer; Roy Coffey, Tail Twister; Brendan Keyport, Website; Lee McDonald, Public Relations; and Patty Moore, Tax & Compliance Officer.

The Lions International mission of “We Serve” is one that the DuPont Lions Club does best. We look forward to continuing to serve our kids and community for years to come.

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