Lions Mission of Sight

One of the biggest things the Lions clubs do is vision and hearing checks for children in school. These checks allow children who may be having vision or hearing problems get the proper care, so they can have a successful educational career. The DuPont Lions club in association with the Lakewood First Lions assist the nurses throughout the Clover Park and Steilacoom school districts.

DuPont Lions Recycle for Sight and Hearing

Did you know that a pair of older prescription and broken eyeglasses or the hearing aids that you no longer need can help a visually or hearing impaired person that cannot afford to buy a new one? Throughout the year, Lions collect used eyeglasses and hearing aids and deliver them to regional Lions Recycling Centers. Here the volunteers refurbish these items by cleaning, sorting them by prescription strength and packaging them to distribute to persons of limited income not only in the United States but throughout the world.

The DuPont Lions Club has set up collection boxes for your discarded eyeglasses and hearing aids throughout the community, including at the State Farm Offices located at 1000 Wilmington Drive, Dupont.

In addition to the collection boxes, the Lions club accepts eyeglasses for recycling with the city wide food drive, sponsored by the Lions and put on by the DuPont Presbyterian Church. This food drive runs at the beginning of summer.

For More Information about local Eyeglass recycling, please visit the Northwest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center –